Summary Bio:
Sue Merchant is an English Indie Singer-Songwriter, known for her sincere crafting of songs, and her unguarded vocal delivery, which communicates a directness that resonates with both intimacy and candour.  Her songs are inspired by real people and events and she consequently approaches her acoustic orientated music as personal, heartfelt expression.

Reflections from the Edge
(Extended Edition)

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Reflections from the Edge
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Primary Genre: 
Singer - Songwriter
Sub Genres: Folk, Folk Revival, Contemporary Folk, New Folk, Folk Pop, Country, Acoustic, Americana.
An emotionally charged and thought provoking blend of original songs influenced by personal experience.


Reflections from the Edge

Industry Awards: 
1st Place Honours: BRIT Trust International Songwriting Contest.

1st Place Honours: Stonewall Society Pride in the Arts.

Honours List: Billboard World Songwriting Contest.

Accreditation by the World Music Foundation for Outstanding Achievement in Songwriting.

Track Listing: 
1. Fool  
2. Water over Stone  
3. To the Lighthouse
4. Breaking Icicles
5. I can feel
6. Sarah, sing me the Blues
7. Virginia in the Fall
8. Hey Drew
9. Virtually Unreal
10. The Game

Extended Edition: Additional Tracks
11. Fool (+Cello Accompaniment)
12. In Africa (Acoustic Solo)
13. The Harbour
14. Suzanne, I can't
15. From 'Too Late' (Acoustic Solo)